The Story of Trouble Is My Business

Synopsis:  Private Detective Roland Drake has fallen on hard times in a harsh world. Drake is being evicted from his office and disgraced by a missing persons case, which has ruined him in the public eye and with police officials.  It seems like it’s all over for him.   Then, redemption walks in… with curves.  The owner of those curves is a sexy, dark haired beauty named Katherine Montemar.  She wants his help.  The chemistry is immediate and her concern for the disappearance of her family members pulls him into her case… and into bed.

He wakes up to her missing too, and a pool of blood where she used to be.  After a nervous encounter with his one-time partner in investigations, the equally skilled but unscrupulous Lew MacDonald, he is confronted by Katherine’s blonde sister, Jennifer, who knows more than she should about everything and blackmails him into helping her.

They both have secrets from each other and the world, but their destiny becomes entwined in the dark descent into her universe, which is violently coming apart.  This leads them on a hunt for a priceless gem and into world peeled back to revel a twisted family and the immoral underbelly of human nature.

Dogged by the corrupt police in the form of Detective Tate and by a dangerously interested Lew MacDonald, Drake must navigate a sinister world of lies, betrayal, and murder with the menagerie of seedy characters that appear in Jennifer’s life.   Jennifer and Drake’s real passion turns to love and their super-charged sexuality clouds everything. The lust of the golden haired good girl and the cynical, but desperate, detective bonds them intensely during the nightmarish experience of slipping deeper and deeper into their doomed love story. Even Drake might not be able to tell right from wrong  anymore at the shocking conclusion, which could destroy him, Jennifer, and bury all the mysteries forever.

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Interview with Brittney Powell and Tom Konkle

Interview with Tom Konkle