Our appreciation to all who have contributed to our film noir thriller.


We hope that by the time our film is completed, out and being consumed by eager audiences, that we will have given more than it took to make it — both in the story and film itself, the relationships forged in creating it, and in the legacy of film noir that it continues.

Many hands went into creating the opening of the film and many more will be involved before the full feature is released.  We would like to pay honor to the people who have helped make this possible.  Our cast and crew are recognized on the CREATORS page; but here, we’d like to acknowledge those who have made a financial contribution to our project thus far, allowing us to create the opening of the film.

Special Note: Thanks to Ralph King, Jack Alexander and David Beeler for the photography used on this site.


Mr. Ezequiel Solis

Ty Klock

Kimberly Strong

Paul Eagleton

Joseph K Curtis
Wayne Robbins
Louis Srygley

Jim Rodney

Michael Neill

Christian Allison
Adam A. Lohnes
Jeff Elwell

Brian Ward
Ralph King
Lance Runkle
Jim Wilson
Giselle Achecar
Brian Q. Kelley

Victor Solis
Thor Melsted
Virginia Solis

Jesse A Presnall
Elaine Ewing
Steven Itano Wasserman
Brian Lehrer
Tai Fauci
Candice Freeman
SJ Zeitzew


Melinda Chilton
Alec Corday
Sam Juliano
David Nett
Spencer Thomas
Clint Culp
Miguel Duran
Scott Baker

Kevin A. Ranson
Brooks Wachtel
Alissa Black
Jeremy J. Campbell
Shawna Benson
Franklin Tse
Maxwell Glick
Andrew Bredenkamp
David August

Special thanks to Alicia Estrada, the owner of Stop Staring.

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  1. Yes, my name is Roland Drake and I have owned Drake Investigations since 1978. I look forward to seeing your film. How will I know when it is completed?

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