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Lumen Actus is a Burbank based production company.  Lumen Actus, Latin for not only, “light dancing in your eye,” but also, “the spark of inspiration,” grew out of the collaboration of David Beeler, Tom Konkle and Michael J Smith on our award winning comedy, Safety Geeks: SVI, 3D (released on 3D Blu-ray, distributed by DDD/Yabazam)

As Safety Geeks garnered accolades and attention, the principals of the company, Tom Konkle and Michael J. Smith set out to stake a claim in the new 3D landscape and swiftly made the approved vendor list for Paramount Productions and Fremantle Media.  As 3D has not exploded in the marketplace as predicted back in 2009, Lumen Actus has shifted it’s focus into producing BudgetSmart™ Films, using our in-house visual effects and post capabilities to make budget-minded compelling stories from soup to nuts that can swiftly turn a profit.

For Trouble Is My Business, we will use visual effects to seamlessly fold in 1947 Los Angeles using green-screen and various techniques.   Leveraging creativity, outside-the-box thinking and by managing overheads, but still having the scope and feel of much larger budgeted projects, we can make several pictures for what would typically be the budget for one film.  If you are a film financier or distributor and would like to know more about our slate of pictures, please contact us via our page.

The principals of Lumen Actus are:

Tom Konkle, director, writer, actor and executive producer of Trouble Is My Business, a 20 year veteran of the entertainment industry working professionally as a writer, actor and director.

David Beeler, actor and producer on Trouble Is My Business, David ran two award winning production companies in the UK, has been Tom’s direct creative collaborator for over 12 years and is a award winning writer and actor.

Michael J. Smith, Executive producer of VFX Supervisor for Trouble Is My Business, who has integrated the artistic and technical on everything from commercials to 30 foot dome screens for amusement parks and specialty films before moving into features.


Feel free to view our VFX demo.  This is one of the ways in which we can create scope and a big budget feel in-house.


LA-VFX Reel 2011 from Lumen Actus on Vimeo.

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