Noir News

FilmBreak Awards Trouble Two 5-Star Ratings! is a site which opens doors for indie filmmakers. The opening of Trouble (which you can watch on the home page) has been reviewed and given 5 Stars by two FilmBreak reviewers.

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LA Noir Film Festival

Although the film hasn’t been completed, the 17 minute opening is already making waves.
The L.A. Noir Film Festival, which will be held on December 1st, 2012, has announced Trouble Is My Business will open the festival and has been awarded the festival’s Best Picture Award, and Brittney Powell has won the Best Actress Award for her stunning dual role performance.

Production Completed on First 20 Pages

With the generous support of our friends and fans, we were able to successfully shoot the opening of  Trouble Is My Business.

The talent and skill of our crew allowed us to cover an amazing eight pages per day over two days for a total of 16 pages shot, with pickups on another day to take us to 20 pages. (It is typical on a feature film to shoot 2 to 4 pages per day.)  And yet, with this grueling schedule, the quality of the work never dipped.

We are very thankful to all of the cast and crew for putting in such heart as well as long hours.